Monday, December 18, 2006

One last bonsai accessory purchase...made a trip to to get soil, humidity trays, screen (to line pot holes and retain soil), fertilizer/minerals, and 'wound paste' (seals prunings so they heal properly). Now I feel prepared! But then right away, I realize my new humidity trays are too small for my new juniper, so I went outside and pulled this old enamel tray out of my 'junk collection'...hmmm.."hillbilly bonsai"? Well, I gotta add my own "flair", right? So I fill the tray with water to maintain humidity (I'm told even the conifers need this), but it looks like something's missing....aha! Small statue of some kind! So I got back online, and ordered a small ceramic koi to place in the water by the pot. Until then, I need to keep this tree in a fairly cool spot with a lot of sun, as this tree is considered "outdoor bonsai" too-but I bought it from a guy in TX, it's December in Wisconsin, so this baby's staying in til' spring!


UKBob said...

You sure got me beat with that Bonsai tree Lisa, mine looks more like a couple of bent twigs, not even sure if its still alive to be honest. Looks like you have all the right gear anyway. I like the idea of the tree growing over a rock, how do you get it started though?

lisa said...

The "root over rock" method isn't as hard as you might think
this link shows how to do it. You have to be patient, though, it can take over a year for the process to be completed enough to get it going.