Friday, December 01, 2006

Harvest on day 5! Look at these gorgeous mushrooms! I harvested the biggest ones, and sauteed them with garlic in olive oil...yummy! There will be plenty more over the next few days, so I'm looking up all the recipies I want to try. This has been such a blast, when this kit stops fruiting, I want to try another variety! I'll garden one way or another all winter...heck, it'll be seed starting time soon enough, too.


Anonymous said...

they look great!

lisa said... response to KI's earlier comment-these oysters were delicate and tender, but not rubbery. Could be the variety (italian), or perhaps the growing medium that made the difference...the folks at Field and Forest may know what tends to make some oyster mushrooms rubbery.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

They look fake, they're so perfect! :)

lisa said...

Thanks Kim and Phelan! I'm very impressed with this harvest, but temps really dropped outside (and consequently in the house), so my 2nd harvest isn't going as well :(