Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chuck B. over at Episodic Whoreticulture was blogging about some items found while cleaning his grandparent's house. Some were toiletry items, and I'd suggested a shadow box display (or Ebay) as opposed to discarding them. So I decided to post a picture of the one I made...some are items in "junk boxes" acquired at auctions, some from my friend's grandparent's house, some just found along the way. I certainly don't consider this any sort of professional-type artwork, but it makes me smile when I see it, and I think that's what "home decor" is all about...(in my house, anyway).


The County Clerk said...

Ha! You HAVE TO give us some kind of clue as to what is in the image... WHAT IS THAT TWO handled pointy thing? And is that some kind of "roach clip"?


lisa said...

Hahaha! Well, considering the size of the joints we used to enjoy when I was in high school, it COULD be a roach's actually an old curling iron. Ladies would heat it up on the stove, the wooden handles keep your hands cool. Circa late 1800's/early 20th century.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Very cool. Gives me an idea for the pocket spittoon (unused, of course) that I inherited from my grandpa--he got it from his father-in-law's barbershop, I think.