Monday, November 27, 2006

Mild Weather last weekend, and although it felt strange in late November, I was out watering! It's been quite dry up here lately, so I wanted to at least water the areas around the house and garage that get dry due to roof overhangs. The pots getting a drink are my two "long winter's nap" is my successful area between the house and garage-even the smallest pots survive no problem. The area by the red compost barrel is an expiriment just this year-these are plants I will either sell or give away, so I'll risk sacrificing them to see if they can make it out here...I am running out of space between the buildings. The area they're in is somewhat protected by overhead trees, but not as sheltered as the other spot. I hope it works, because I have "extra" plants more and more...The other area between the cyclone fence and garage is chronically dry-only variegated hostas make it there so far...may have to try some soaker hose next year. Fun to dream about the next growing season already!


Anonymous said...

I'm always obsessed with the next growing season. Sigh.

I've got iris leaves coming out from recently-planted rhizomes. I'm out there every day counting the millimeters of new leaf. I need to chill out. They'll flower around February.

Gardeners who have to deal with winter freezes are made out of sterner stuff than I am. Emotionally, I would be a wreck thinking about the plants possibly dying.

lisa said...

I look at the winter freeze as an opportunity to justify new purchases next season...I have to make up for the losses somehow! ;)

lisa said... sucess wintering things over is all the more freakish because I don't mulch the pots with anything but snow (and the leaves that naturally blow in around them on their own). Apparently snow cover is an excellent insulator, cuz' all I do is pile snow over the pots as I shovel a walkway...and every spring I quote Dr. Frankenstein..."It's alive!"