Saturday, September 23, 2006

Warmer temps, time to re-pot the houseplants before it's too late...first my "Sexxy Rexxy" Rex Begonias get new, colorful pots. I love these plants for their cute little flowers and gorgeous foliage. Got these pots on sale at Menard's, they're the kind that have the unglazed inner pot that gets water via capillary action from the water you put in the glazed outer pot. I have three of this type already for my african violets, so I figured the Rex's would enjoy them, too.


snappy said...

They sound like great pots Lisa.I have used a frog shaped pot with water in it, and put a plastic pot above the water.The African Violets did really well, as the humidity was raised.I love that name "sexy Rexxy".Need to get some so we can wax lyrical about the Rexes!

lisa said...

Yea, Rex's are really nice plants. Before I got the capillary-action pots, I almost killed one because of over watering. Finally I realized it's "cruel to be kind" to Rex's and violets...they really want to dry way out between good soakings. Humidity does help, though. My house gets so dry in the winter that the capillary pots were a good compromise.