Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The large-leaved plant in this old tub, ligularia "Desdomona", was given to me by my mom this spring, and it's taken to container life quite nicely (probably because this is slow to drain, and they like moisture). Not sure if it will winter over in here okay, but I'm going for the gusto....mostly because I still have 3 more specimens if it fails. I'm blessed with freakish good luck with container survival though...the hosta to the left of the gnome is in a enamelware/metal basin only 6" deep, and it has survived very well for 4 years. (No mulching whatsoever either, except piling on snow when I shovel the pathway.) Anyhow, we'll see if Desdomona makes it. As for the gnome....well, I have been heard to claim a "sort-of aversion to kitsch"-with "sort-of" being key, because, well his lantern lights up at night...and, well I just couldn't resist. Now, the plastic bunnies, turtles, and frogs scattered elsewhere are another story.... ; )


snappy said...

where are the frogs?Love them.My frog solar lights have been outside for a year, and now look like Albino frogs with leprosy.All the nice green paint is coming off.The gnome is cute Lisa..

lisa said...

Hey thanks Snappy! I'll have to do a "blogroll inventory" of all my hardware over the holiday weekend and post pics...after I finish my project, of course!