Monday, August 28, 2006

Kudos to my friends at Plant Delights nursery! This gorgeous blue hosta, "Frosted Dimples" was planted just last fall, and look at it now! It was nice-sized when it arrived (like all the plants I get from them), but I certainly didn't expect this kind of rapid sucess! I mean, I live in zone 4 people! These folks really know how to "feed my frankenstein"!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

What a beauty! Is that full sized already? (I'm hoping you'll say yes because I have a place for something small and cute and blue! lol.)

Love that picture of the caladium flower, too--I've never seen one of those flower before.

lisa said...

It's now a clump 20" around and 9" tall-the catalog says it will be a 30" clump and 12" it's nearly full-sized already. If you want a small blue, I can suggest "Blue Mouse Ears" from plant delights also...dusty blue all over, 6" tall-very cute! As for the caladium-I need to do some research...I've sure never seen that either!

Stuart said...

I'm a hosta freak - especially blue hostas. This looks gorgeous Lisa. I might have to find a spot in my garden for one as well.